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For a variety of events. I have been playing the Great Highland Bagpipe since 1989, and here is an example of events I play for. I play mostly in the Montreal Area, but have played in all corners of Quebec, Ontario and further.

  1. Weddings

  2. Funerals/Commemorative Services

  3. All events for Veterans and Members of The Royal Canadian Legion

  4. VIP Processions for suppers, conventions, etc.

  5. Graduations and Convocations

  6. Sporting Events: Golf tournaments, Curling Bonspiels, Rugby, Soccer, Hockey Tournaments, etc.

  7. Anniversaries/Birthdays

  8. Openings of Your Special Place or Gallery (Pubs, Restaurants, Vernissage)

I am also often requested for

  1. Festivals (Wandering Musician on-site)

  2. Bagpipe Workshops and History sessions

  3. Whisky Tastings

  4. Pipe Band Workshops

  5. Solo performances, "mini-band"

  6. HIghland Dance Shows and Competitions

  7. Music for film or other audiovisual projects or recordings. Original, traditional or improvised compositions.

  8. Address of the Haggis, recitations of the poetry of Robert Burns


And naturally there are many individuals interested in learning how to play The Great Highland Bagpipe. I am available for lessons and can teach one on one or group lessons.

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Jeff McCarthy



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